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Image by Bogomil Mihaylov


There is no singular aspect of music that is most important. All aspects are essential for a well-rounded education. I teach because I love to see people who express the same interest I have for music, and it's my mission to cultivate that passion in others. 

I strive to ensure a safe environment while I am teaching. In the first lesson, I will ask what you would like to gain from taking lessons, what kind of music you enjoy playing/singing, your background in music and tell you of my own experience. With young students, I add age-appropriate enrichment through playing games, adding movement and rewards for progress (stickers, letting them choose a song and etc.). 

I tend to have students use physical sensations, such as feeling their abdominal muscles, or neck muscles, when I notice a student is eiher straining or using improper technique. Working with these sensations is especially helpful for tactile learners, but can help anyone get a better understanding of the amazing instrument that is the human body. 

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